Earth Monitoring Unit Multi points



Packed with impressive Features:-

  • Operates seamlessly within a versatile voltage range of 100V to 260V AC/DC.
  • Certified by PESO enclosure, ensuring full compliance with safety standards.
  • Intrinsically safe design, employing a PESO-approved MTL barrier for added security.
  • Specifically engineered for use in hazardous areas, encompassing Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2.
  • Each channel is furnished with a dedicated DPDT relay output and offers individual status indications on the display. Additionally, the LCD display provides an alternative loop resistance value status. Furthermore, logic relay and indication options for performing AND logic functions are available for all 8 channels.
  • Every channel autonomously measures its own loop from the object to the earth point.
  • Additionally, provision is made for a connection to an auxiliary earth pit, enabling monitor of soil connectivity with the earth bus. In the event that the end user does not have access to an auxiliary earth pit, they can effortlessly bypass this feature with guidance provided in the GA drawing.

  • pdf Datasheet