Human Body Static Dissipating Unit



Packed with impressive Features:-

  • Measure the static charge on the human body and display the value on an LCD screen .
  • When the human body doesn't make contact with an Earth point during the dissipation process, it ceases to function and displays a 'discharge path not found' indication. This underscores the critical importance of ensuring the removal of static charge from the human body.
  • Operates within a versatile voltage range of 100V to 260V AC/DC.
  • Certified by PESO for safety compliance.
  • Intrinsically safe, through PESO-approved MTL barrier.
  • Suitable for hazardous areas, including Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2.
  • Customize time delay settings in the output relay through intuitive key and display options to align with your specific application.
  • Implement logical functions via switch inputs, tailored to your unique application requirements.

  • pdf Datasheet